What Game Film College Coaches Want

We obviously want to show the best part of our game when it comes to showing college coaches...a.k.a. Our highlight type.

 But what college coaches ACTUALLY want to see is a full game tape.


They want to see how you are off the ball, if you’re lazy on defense or always ready, and how you react to your teammates when they make a mistake or a good play.  

This is all super important to a college coach while talking to them in your recruiting process. 

Standing Out To A College Coach

A college coach has hundreds of athletes contacting them for the same scholarship you are wanting.

Which means you need to separate yourself and standout. So you want to make a good first impression.

Explain why you would be a great fit for the program and for the school.

Also don't be afraid to include what motivates you the most about wanting to be apart of the specific coaches program.

Here is some key points you want in your email when sending it to college coaches.

-Include why you want to be apart of that school and program specifically.
-Have a professional e-mail
-Double check your grammar and spelling before sending your email

Let's make a great impression with these emails!

Committing To A College Is All In Due Time

Let me take the pressure off of you.

I know that seeing your teammates and peers committing to college can bring anxiousness and impatience when you haven't yet... But I promise you, it's okay!

Everyone has their own set timeline when it comes to when committing to a school that's best for them.

Because what we don't want to do is settle for a school just to get the pressure off you. Then we end up missing opportunity to play for a program & attend the school that would've been a better fit.

This was a lesson I had to learn so trust me, I get it. But with that being said that is why I created "The Recruiting System" because I wanted to take everything I learned and give it back to you! If you are interested in learning more click the button and you'll get all the info you need!