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The Recruiting System

Take control of your recruitment journey. Learn how to grab college coaches attention, ask the right questions, & find the best fit school for you!

Attention College Bound Female Basketball Players:

Time Out! Let’s huddle up! I know you are confused with the recruiting process and it isn’t working out the way you hoped it would. I've got AMAZING NEWS! 

  • Takes away the confusion Adds tremendous confidence
  • Gets you in front of more of the college coaches you want
  • And, takes away the overwhelm that is common with the entire recruiting process

If you are serious about playing college basketball at the college of your choice, please keep reading...

The Recruiting System is a tried and tested process to make sure no stones are unturned in the search for YOUR college program.

Listen up!    

Don't put your future in the hands of college coaches, college administrators, or anyone else who doesn't feel your passion for playing at a specific college. You need to own this process and learn how to make it happen! Let me show you how…

The Recruiting System has been researched and quite frankly put into practice by ME!

I found not one but two colleges by using the same strategies I teach in The Recruiting System. 

DeAnn Huber

Former college basketball player

This system helps break it down so that your questions get answered and you can understand what you should be experiencing throughout the recruiting process.

Ask Yourself the Following Question

 Are you tired of all the confusion and all the advice from so many different people about how you should go about The Recruiting Process?

 I am sure I know the answer, because I was!  Here was what happened on my journey…  

I was bombarded with so much advice from so many different people- AD, high school coach (who happened to be my dad), guidance counselor, college coaches, administrators, and even my friends. IT WAS TOO MUCH!

 My parents realized I needed some space to think clearly about what I wanted for myself.  
The decision where to go was mine. I need to be the decision maker of my path, my basketball career, and my college experience. I needed space to make it happen!    

When I  finally made up my mind to take the college search into my own hands, I still needed some assistance. I just needed to listen to fewer people and not be so overwhelmed.  

 I won't say I was perfect with the process - BUT, I've learned a TON from all of the mistakes I made.  

 That's EXACTLY why I am so excited to work with YOU! I can help you avoid the obvious and silly mistakes often missed because you become sucked into the "Selling Process" by crafty coaches who are great salespeople.

Who Is The Recruiting System Really For? 

  • The junior or senior female basketball player who wants to take control of the recruiting process.
  • Players who have been pounded with conflicting information and are overwhelmed and just want straight answers.
  • Players who are not sure how to get the attention of college coaches who have not reached out to them YET!
  • Players who know they can play scholarship basketball but haven't gotten any scholarship offers.
  • Players looking to attend the college of their dreams, but also know they have the talent to play there.
  • -Players who need a system of checks and balances so the recruiting process is completed correctly. 
  • Players whose parents are as lost as they are and don't know how to help.

How Can The Recruiting System Help You? 

  • Guide you to ask the right question so you get all the vital information you need.
  • Guide you in knowing if the college and basketball program offers what you want for the next 4-years
  • Give you a checklist of things that you have to do to be sure you are not missing anything important on the recruiting journey. 
  • Offer you clarity on what you are looking for in the type of city you want to spend the next 4-years of your life in and what to know about your new home.
  • Show you how to communicate with the current college players on the team and what question to ask them, BELIEVE ME, the players will give you the absolute truth!
  • PLUS, so many more important details that you might have never thought of that can aid you in your decision making.

Girl! Let me tell you something! You have put in thousands of hours, sacrificed going out with your friends, and pushed your body to limits you didn't think possible.

This is your time, your choice, your life! Make sure you own this decision and do the work, so all the overwhelm and confusion disappear because you did the work. College.

Now, let's make the journey of finding the right college for you one of ease!

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