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A space where we are guiding women basketball players to reach the next level with their on and off-court skills. Here you are going to discover ways to develop in your basketball ability, grow to have a powerful mindset, and discover your purpose!

Discover Your Purpose

Join me and this online community for monthly Bible studies and daily encouragement! Being an athlete is something to be proud of yourself for but it's not the only thing about you. Through these Bible studies and our community you will find encouragement and resources to help you walk in your God-given purpose and help you step into your "why!"


I'm Jae Taft

So pumped that you are here! Us Girls Basketball was created from a place of doubt, loneliness, and lost in purpose. Playing basketball my whole life and transitioning to coaching I have learned so much along the way.

The game of basketball is a beautiful thing and I believe that it's a vehicle too developing who you are, learning valuable skills to a life of working in excellence, and a special way to further God's Kingdom.

Here you are going to find resources to help you reach the next level with your on and off-court skills, programs to finding the a college that is a just for you, opportunities to join monthly Bible studies, a community of women athletes, and so much more!

How It works

Find Your College Fit

The Recruiting System is a tried and tested process to make sure no stones are unturned in the search for YOUR college program. Listen up! Don't put your future in the hands of college coaches, college administrators, or anyone else who doesn't feel your passion for playing at a specific college. You need to own this process and learn how to make it happen! Let me show you how… The Recruiting System has been researched and quite frankly put into practice by ME! I found not one but two colleges by using the same strategies I teach in The Recruiting System. 

One Stop Shop For All Your Basketball Resources!

There is a lot that goes into being an athlete. You have to constantly grow in your skill, keep your body healthy, build a strong mindset all while trying to figure out who you are as a women. It's a lot...trust me I know. That is why providing valuable resources for you in your journey as an athlete is so important to me. 

On-Court Skills

Find resources throughout our website to help you be intentional with your workouts, find a college that is the right fit for you, and workouts you can personally accomplish in the gym. 

Off-Court Skills

Your off-court skills are just as, if not, more important than your skills on the court. Find a variety of mindset builders, access to an online community of other women athletes, and a monthly Bible study!

Free On-Court Workout

A FREE on-court workout for you to download. Print it off or save it to your phone to bring with you to there gym!

Bible Study

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30 Questions To Ask On Your Visit

I thought I asked the right questions on my college visit. But realized on the drive home all the questions I forgot to ask in the moment. Well I got you covered! I wanted to provide this resource for you.

 This is a printable sheet with 30 IMPORTANT questions to ask on your college visit. Super easy download but SUPER beneficial resource!

Neva Bettinger
Former Us Girls Athlete
"Us Girls Basketball was an opportunity for me to post my limits and reach for my potential. It will always stand as one of the best basketball programs that I've gotten to be apart of."

DeAnn Huber
Former College Athlete

"I wish I would have had this when I was getting started with the recruiting process because I thought I should've been getting recruited by doing nothing and just expected it all to be so easy. This system helps break it down so that your questions get answered and you can understand what you should be experiencing thought the recruiting process."

Laura Thomas
Former College Athlete

"Amazing Podcast! Absolutely love the content and so powerful!"


Grab your free workout here!

I have been asked many time about what I did in the gym for my workout. So I decided to write out of on my workouts and give it to you. If you click the link below you can download your very own copy to take with you to the gym!

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